we invest in people.

Starting with Veterans and Military Families, we seek trustworthy and competent, mission and service-oriented people who are entering the “Second Phase” of their professional life or seeking new opportunities.

Phase II Staffing & Contracting, LLC.

engage. enable. enrich.

The Phase II team believes in conducting purpose driven business. The bottom line dollar is the ultimate measure of success for any for profit business, but we see the bottom line as the result not the reason. At Phase II we engage with partner organizations that share our business values in a mutually supportive and beneficial effort to accomplish common goals and objectives. We empower professionals to embark on new and fulfilling careers by enabling them to explore the limits of their capabilities and their vision. Phase II is a willing contributor to our local, regional, state and national communities. These communities depend on the ability of our free market economy to sustain them. This sustainment is not efficient or effective if entrepreneurs do not fully participate. Phase II accepts the mantle of leadership to serve as an example, to assist in the development of new enterprise, and thus also, do our part to build better communities.


Phase II believes that collaboration is the pathway to success. When appropriate, we seek strong partnerships to address client needs.


The Phase II business model is designed to enable people to explore and pursue many different professional development and employment opportunities.


Phase II contributes to our communities’ economic development. We invest in Veterans and Military Families because they are mission-oriented and service-oriented people.

Contracting capabilities

Phase II ‘s mission is to meet our public and private sector client needs with resources extant in the veteran and military family member community.

Phase II is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

events and current projects

Veteran & Military Family Job Fair

Powered by Reliant

Date To Be Announced

Location To Be Announced

Phase II has partnered with Reliant Hiring Solutions to offer a job fair “on steroids”. Our events have everything a traditional job fair has with a few added benefits.

Phase II Sponsored Social Events

To Be Announced

Our social events are designed to bring all of our partners, employees, friends and adult family, plus all of our new contacts together.

Manassas Workforce Development Project

Ongoing Project

Phase II, American Legion Post 114, and People, Inc.

Phase II is engaged in an innovative concept in collaboration with American Legion Post 114 and People Incorporated of Virginia to bring a Veteran and Military Family Workforce Development and Economic Development Center to the City of Manassas.


P.O. Box 594
Manassas, VA 20108