Phase II Awarded Three New Contracts in Support of U.S. Army

Phase II Staffing and Contracting, LLC (dba Phase II), Quantico, Virginia, has been awarded three competitive contracts valued at a total of $710,868.92 in support of U.S. Army units including 1st Cavalry Division, 35th Signal Brigade, and others.  The contracts are for delivery of Quad-Band Satellite Simulators (QBSS) to support maintenance and training of Signal Soldiers.  The QBSS is produced by long-time partner, Tampa Microwave, LLC, and provides the US Army and other Services/Agencies an affordable alternative to conduct maintenance and training on satellite terminals vice paying for commercial satellite bandwidth.  These contracts were competitively awarded via the Unisom Marketplace.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with Tampa Microwave and providing quality products and services to ensure mission success of the US Army and other Services/Agencies.